1969 born in Ludwigshafen, raised in northern Germany and southern India
1988 studied at Nürtingen art school in Baden Württemberg
1990 attended Pop music workshop at the Hamburg music conservatory
1991 – 1996 studied illustration at HAW in Hamburg
2000 received scholarship for Hamburger Musicians
Teaching activity in painting, drawing and print graphics
Released 4 solo albums on the record labels ACT and Blue Pearls Music
Lives and works in Hamburg

2021   Galerie Holthoff, Hamburg, ‚Anemochorie‘ (solo)                                                             2019   Taylor Wessing, #004 Zeichnung, Hamburg (group)                                           2019 Taylor Wessing, #003 Malerei, Hamburg (group)
2019   Kunstverein Elmshorn mit Nina Hotopp, ‚Kammerspiel‘ (duo)
2018   Holthoff-Mokross Galerie, Hamburg, ‚Sommersalon‘ (solo)
2018   Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg, ‚He, She, It‘ (duo)
2016   Holthoff-Mokross Galerie, Hamburg, ‚Paper Works 004‘ (group)
2015   Holthoff-Mokross Galerie, Hamburg, ‚Paper Works 003‘ (group)
2014   Holthoff-Mokross Galerie, Hamburg, ‚Paper Works 002’ (group)
2013   Holthoff-Mokross Galerie, Hamburg, ‚Paper Works 001‘ (group)
2013   Grundbuchhalle, Hamburg, ‚Lithografie und Malerei‘ (solo)
2012   Galerie apollo9, Hamburg, ‚Definissage‘ (group)
2011   Galerie apollo9, ‚Lithografie und Malerei‘ (solo)
2010   Torhaus im Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg, ‚Schere Stein Papier‘ (solo)
2009   Galerie apollo9, ‚Umlaufbahn‘ (solo)
2003 Kunsthaus Nürnberg, BBK – ‚Paarlauf‘ (group)
2002 Heinrich Heine Haus, Lüneburg (solo)
2001   Schomerus & Partner, Hamburg (solo)
2001   Schloss Reinbek (solo)
2001   Atelier querhaus, Hamburg ‚Lüften‘ (group)
2000   Atelier querhaus, ‚Gleisstreckenkilometer 289,5‘ (group)
2000   Vereinsbank Hamburg und Schwerin, Foyer für junge Kunst (solo)
2000   Atelier querhaus, ‚Expedition 2000‘ (group)
1999   Galerie Kunstkontor, Hamburg (group)
1996 Kunsttreppe, Hamburg (solo)
1996-2000   ‚Hamburger Grafikkalender‘ (group)
1995   Pentimentstipendiaten, Hamburg (group)